In order to constantly live up to customer expectations, management was eager to enter into a quality process. The main aim of this process was to place customer satisfaction as a core concern and to work day in, day out towards continuously improving the products and services proposed.

The work undertaken in the context of this process resulted in being awarded the ISO 9001 certification - version 2000 - in 14 February 2008 for the design and manufacturing of acoustic components for loudspeakers (Initial certificate from BUREAU VERITAS Certification Reference 1723849.).

On february 2011 and on april 2014, quality certification of loudspeaker acoustic components' design and manufacturing has been renewed in ISO 9001 certification - version 2008 (NF EN ISO 9001 : 2008) (Certificates from BUREAU VERITAS Certification Reference FR015172-1).

Since february 2018, the company has decided to improve its quality management system in order to be compliant with ISO 9001 certification - version 2015 (NF EN ISO 9001 : 2015) (Certificate from BUREAU VERITAS Certification Reference FR041089-1).

On May 2024, the quality certification was renewed (Certificate from INTERTEK Reference 0175788).

ISO 9001 Certification - AAC Applications Acoustiques de Composites