Created in 1989, following on from the NEOS company founded in 1935, AAC, or "Applications Acoustiques de Composites", is manufacturer for loudspeaker acoustic components.

In addition to manufacturing membranes in cellulose fiber (paper), the primary activity for which the company is renowned, AAC has become more diversified through the development of new technologies and the use of such materials as glass fiber, aramid fiber (®kevlar), carbon fiber, titanium, aluminium, ceramics, plastic materials and, more recently, magnesium or sandwich composite.

Goaded on by this experience and know-how, the company has managed to forge its way onto the market, becoming one of the world leaders in the field of manufacturing domes for tweeters, notably for the automobile industry.

Today, our productions are despatched to major customers worldwide, from Asia to America, passing through Europe.

Such customers constitute some of the major acoustics' companies in the Automotive industry, High-Fidelity, Consumer Electronic and for the Military field.

A wide range of products is proposed to businesses:

and, more generally, any acoustic component for standard or specific loudspeakers.

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ISO 9001 Certification - AAC Applications Acoustiques de Composites